Facts & Fiction – Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a major cause of depression and loss of self-confidence and affects around 30 million men in the US. But before we can start treating ED, we need to understand it and know that some of the rumors going around are actually fiction and not fact. Here is our ED fiction list.

ED Fiction: Tight underwear can cause ED

Fact: This is quite a common belief among men. But there is no research proving that tight underwear can actually cause ED. If it makes you more comfortable though, wear lose underwear, if not, then you should be fine to wear tight underwear if that’s your preference.

ED Fiction: Using erectile dysfunction products like kamagra can actually cause stretch marks on your penis.

Fact: Believe it or not, we have actually heard this one on more than one occasion. These people were worried about taking kamagra because of the risk of the skin getting stretch marks. But this is not the case, medications such as kamagra do not increase the size of the penis and therefore cannot cause stretch marks. These products simply help you get an erection.

ED Fiction: It’s caused because of a lack of attraction

Fact: This is actually one of the most common beliefs about ED. And female partners often feel this is the reason which further exacerbates the issue. But this is not always true. Men still find their partners attractive but there is an issue with their important sexual part does not always cooperate. This can be due to nerve blockages, stress, or nerves.

ED Fiction: ED only occurs when there are relationship issues

Fact: While relationship issues definitely cause less of a sex drive for both parties, it is usually not the main reason for ED. ED issues are usually physiological.