Can Workout Supplements Cause ED?


If you are like most of us and want a good body, a body that will have the opposite sex lining up for us. So we head to the gym for hours and hours several times a week. However, we don’t get the results we were looking for, so we look into options on how to maximize our workouts. Then we choose a product and start looking great, however, there is an issue. We are now suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is strange as it has never happened to us before, so it must be the supplements.

So which workout supplements can cause erectile dysfunction?


Steroids were a commonly used drug back in the 80s and 90s. Bodybuilders and even professional athletes were common users and got great results from them. Well at least strength wise. Steroids are now know to shrink your testicles and therefore decreasing their ability to make testosterone. This leads to serious erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone levels begin to fall in your mid 30’s and fall sharply once you hit your 50th birthday. This can cause serious erectile dysfunction. So often testosterone boosters can actually help as they bring back your testosterone levels to a good level. Assuming you are taking them correctly. So this could be another good option, but best to ask your doctor if this is a good option for you.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide supplements are a much healthier and natural (in most cases) alternative to steroids. What they do is increase the oxygen to your muscles which allows them to work out harder and for longer. These workout supplements also help your workout by decreasing your recovery time and allowing you to get back into the gym faster than without Nitric oxide supplements. These supplements in general are erection safe, but check ingredients to make sure.


Although not a supplement, one thing that is still worth a mention is stress. I am not talking about stress on your body from working out, I am talking about psychological stress. This leads to increased levels of the hormone adrenaline, which unfortunately makes blood vessels contract. The bad news is that this can cause issues obtaining an erection. So at the same time as trying other things, make sure you are relaxed to maximize results. Because even with other solutions, they may not work if you are severely stressed out.