4 Sports To Help Take Your Mind Off Erectile Dysfunction


Playing sports is a great distraction off erectile dysfunction. Playing a sport at least a couple of times a week can really help you think more clearly and focus on what you are doing. Below are some great sports to help you relax, get in touch with yourself, and put erectile dysfunction aside.


Running is great for reducing anxiety and releases stress as you exert your energy. Generally the harder you run the more of a workout the run will be and the better you will feel afterwards. Try running with high energy music to increase the workout. After the run you should be very relaxed and feel great. Be careful not to overdo the running, you don’t want to push your body beyond its limits. Start off slower and shorter distances and work your way up.


Sports are a great way to take your mind off erectile dysfunction and golf is one of the best. Whether you are playing along or playing with friends, golf is a great way to relax and get your mind focused on other things. There is a catch though, I find that if you are a beginner you may experience frustration playing golf as your skills are not up to scratch. Luckily for you there is plenty of training equipment for golf to help improve your golf game.


I know what you are thinking, chess isn’t a sport! But actually it is recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. And there are competitions worldwide. It is a great way to get emerged into the game and can be really relaxing.

Pool / Snooker

Playing pool is also really relaxing. I try to play a fair bit on my own. I find it much more relaxing as you are not competing to win the game but rather just enjoying the strokes. You don’t need to play for long to get emerged into the game forgetting about other things.