This Little Erection Pill Can Be Used For So Much More Than Just Erections

Jet lag

Contrary to what most people think, erection pills such as Kamagra have more than one purpose of helping you gain an erection. Erection pills such as Kamagra have been used in the past for multiple things that are really surprising and interesting. But before you try any of these, please make sure to go and see your doctor to make sure it is right for you.

Here are some other uses of erection pills:

Jet Lag

When you think of how to avoid jet lag, one of the last things that would come into your head is an erection pill. But some erection pills can actually help reduce the effects of jet lag. These pills can help speed up the process of getting over jet lag by regulating enzymes. Animals were also tested in the research which helped them adjust to light changes more quickly.

Babies Born Premature

There have actually been a few cases in the USA where babies that were born premature actually needed an erection pill to help stay alive. It can be used (obviously only by doctors) to help overcome a condition called pulmonary hypertension where the little baby’s body finds it hard to pump blood into the lungs. These erection pills help out here, they help relax the muscles and lungs to allow the babies blood to flow freely.


There has also been some research into using some erection pills and type 2 diabetes. The research showed that these pills can sometimes lower the levels of heart disease as well as improving glucose control for people with type 2 diabetes.

And a reminder, before you start just taking these erectile dysfunction pills to help one of the causes above, make sure you see your doctor to make sure this option is safe for you.

The Emotional Tolls ED Plays on Relationships


When you or your partner is diagnosed with any kind of health issue, illness, or recurring problem, it affects the entire relationship. From a simple cold to a more serious sickness, battling through all of the health problems life throws at a couple takes love, time, and care. However, there are some health crises that can add an even greater amount of difficultly to a relationship – the illnesses or problems that come with a stigma that makes it challenging to work through together as a couple. Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is one such health problem. If your other half suffers from ED, it can create a number of issues – but they don’t have to end your relationship together.

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might initially think. Millions of men worldwide are affected by this health problem; medical experts state that five percent of men who are 40 years old and 25 percent of men who are 65 or older experience ED regularly. It is a long-term problem that affects so much of a man’s life, and it also affects their partners as well. In addition to causing problems in the bedroom, erectile dysfunction can bring quite a few communication, emotional, and even connection issues into a relationship. So, how can a couple handle ED together?

Most couples find it incredibly difficult to have an open conversation about erectile dysfunction. Instead of talking about their feelings and the potential problems, couples tend to hide their emotions from one another and avoid the conversation entirely. Because people believe it’s an embarrassing topic, individuals both with ED and who are in a relationship with someone suffering from ED can develop unhealthy emotional habits that can ultimately end the relationship. It’s important to speak about the issue together, and to perhaps speak with a therapist to improve communication and the overall relationship.

When ED becomes a part of a couple’s life, it can bring with it feelings of low self esteem, anxiety, and even depression. As men anticipate erectile dysfunction leading into intimacy, they begin to feel anticipatory anxiety, which in turn makes the problem grow increasingly worse. Additionally, men can feel as though they have lost their confidence and their worth when they cannot make their ED disappear. Luckily, these negative effects that come with an ED diagnosis can be solved with the help of a licensed therapist, whether a psychologist or a sex therapist. If a couple works together to confront ED, they can avoid so many of these negative emotional tolls.

Can Workout Supplements Cause ED?


If you are like most of us and want a good body, a body that will have the opposite sex lining up for us. So we head to the gym for hours and hours several times a week. However, we don’t get the results we were looking for, so we look into options on how to maximize our workouts. Then we choose a product and start looking great, however, there is an issue. We are now suffering from erectile dysfunction. This is strange as it has never happened to us before, so it must be the supplements.

So which workout supplements can cause erectile dysfunction?


Steroids were a commonly used drug back in the 80s and 90s. Bodybuilders and even professional athletes were common users and got great results from them. Well at least strength wise. Steroids are now know to shrink your testicles and therefore decreasing their ability to make testosterone. This leads to serious erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone levels begin to fall in your mid 30’s and fall sharply once you hit your 50th birthday. This can cause serious erectile dysfunction. So often testosterone boosters can actually help as they bring back your testosterone levels to a good level. Assuming you are taking them correctly. So this could be another good option, but best to ask your doctor if this is a good option for you.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide supplements are a much healthier and natural (in most cases) alternative to steroids. What they do is increase the oxygen to your muscles which allows them to work out harder and for longer. These workout supplements also help your workout by decreasing your recovery time and allowing you to get back into the gym faster than without Nitric oxide supplements. These supplements in general are erection safe, but check ingredients to make sure.


Although not a supplement, one thing that is still worth a mention is stress. I am not talking about stress on your body from working out, I am talking about psychological stress. This leads to increased levels of the hormone adrenaline, which unfortunately makes blood vessels contract. The bad news is that this can cause issues obtaining an erection. So at the same time as trying other things, make sure you are relaxed to maximize results. Because even with other solutions, they may not work if you are severely stressed out.

The Viagra Lifestyle Might Lead To Melanoma

Beach front resort

Whenever you take a new medication, or a long-term medication, a variety of side effects can appear and wreak havoc on your health. Although they’re meant to solve health woes, some medications can bring even greater ones – and, according to a study published last year, the popular pill Viagra might be among those medicines that lead to worse problems. According to that recent research, Viagra is thought to be a possible cause of melanoma. However, before you turn your back on this popular pill for erectile dysfunction, you might want to consider what exactly it is about Viagra that could lead to melanoma.

Ever since news broke regarding the connection between melanoma and erectile dysfunction, urologists and medical experts have worked to discover just what it is about Viagra that could cause skin cancer. Is it the actual medication itself, or is there more to the issue? Thanks to their further research, the medical community now knows the truth about Viagra and melanoma: it isn’t the drug causing cancer, but rather the lifestyle that comes with this erectile dysfunction pill. Because Viagra patients share certain behaviors, habits, and lifestyles in common, they all tend to have a higher risk of developing melanoma.

So, what is it in the “Viagra lifestyle” that can lead to skin cancer? Well, according to one urologist in New York, the men who tend to take Viagra have a higher amount of disposable income, as well as a more advanced education level. Additionally, these men are able to afford more expensive vacations – and their most common locale of choice is a sunny beach side resort. With the typical price of Viagra at $50 per pill, it’s a medication used primarily by the upper classes, which means that those same individuals tend to spend more time laying out on beaches, exposing their bodies to the potentially cancerous rays of the sun. In fact, urologists have found that those who take Viagra are also likely to develop basal cell carcinoma, another form of skin cancer, as well as melanoma.

If you’re considering taking Viagra, or are already a frequent user of the pill, consider making a simple lifestyle change in order to ensure you reduce your risk of melanoma and other skin cancers. Although the medication itself won’t do you any skin-related harm, your vacation days spent outside in the sun will – so make sure to apply sunscreen frequently, and to cover up any problematic areas like the top of the head and the arms.

4 Sports To Help Take Your Mind Off Erectile Dysfunction


Playing sports is a great distraction off erectile dysfunction. Playing a sport at least a couple of times a week can really help you think more clearly and focus on what you are doing. Below are some great sports to help you relax, get in touch with yourself, and put erectile dysfunction aside.


Running is great for reducing anxiety and releases stress as you exert your energy. Generally the harder you run the more of a workout the run will be and the better you will feel afterwards. Try running with high energy music to increase the workout. After the run you should be very relaxed and feel great. Be careful not to overdo the running, you don’t want to push your body beyond its limits. Start off slower and shorter distances and work your way up.


Sports are a great way to take your mind off erectile dysfunction and golf is one of the best. Whether you are playing along or playing with friends, golf is a great way to relax and get your mind focused on other things. There is a catch though, I find that if you are a beginner you may experience frustration playing golf as your skills are not up to scratch. Luckily for you there is plenty of training equipment for golf to help improve your golf game.


I know what you are thinking, chess isn’t a sport! But actually it is recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee. And there are competitions worldwide. It is a great way to get emerged into the game and can be really relaxing.

Pool / Snooker

Playing pool is also really relaxing. I try to play a fair bit on my own. I find it much more relaxing as you are not competing to win the game but rather just enjoying the strokes. You don’t need to play for long to get emerged into the game forgetting about other things.


Can A Lack Of Sleep Be Contributing To Your ED?


There are some common causes that contribute to ED. Things such as psychological factors, being overweight, or diseases that affect blood flow to the penis.

But one of the biggest issues is a lack of sleep. Seems strange but a lack of sleep in conjunction with other stressful factors can cause ED and if not remedied, it can be long term. Sometimes we would almost rather go to sleep then perform sexual activities, so your body is in two minds and is not fully committed in a sexual way. You and your partner should work together and not make ED into a big issue.

Try to make the atmosphere relaxing and we all have more patience when we have enough sleep. So start with a good night sleep and eliminate factors such as snoring, find a comfortable pillow, and make sure the room is dark. Once this is accomplished, during your next sexual encounter make sure you and your partner is relaxed and try not to worry about ED. Make sure you have a discussion with your partner so she doesn’t get upset if ED occurs.

ED can often have a very negative effect on a relationship and is often a relationship killer. This is why it is so important to help yourself now.


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Facts & Fiction – Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a major cause of depression and loss of self-confidence and affects around 30 million men in the US. But before we can start treating ED, we need to understand it and know that some of the rumors going around are actually fiction and not fact. Here is our ED fiction list.

ED Fiction: Tight underwear can cause ED

Fact: This is quite a common belief among men. But there is no research proving that tight underwear can actually cause ED. If it makes you more comfortable though, wear lose underwear, if not, then you should be fine to wear tight underwear if that’s your preference.

ED Fiction: Using erectile dysfunction products like kamagra can actually cause stretch marks on your penis.

Fact: Believe it or not, we have actually heard this one on more than one occasion. These people were worried about taking kamagra because of the risk of the skin getting stretch marks. But this is not the case, medications such as kamagra do not increase the size of the penis and therefore cannot cause stretch marks. These products simply help you get an erection.

ED Fiction: It’s caused because of a lack of attraction

Fact: This is actually one of the most common beliefs about ED. And female partners often feel this is the reason which further exacerbates the issue. But this is not always true. Men still find their partners attractive but there is an issue with their important sexual part does not always cooperate. This can be due to nerve blockages, stress, or nerves.

ED Fiction: ED only occurs when there are relationship issues

Fact: While relationship issues definitely cause less of a sex drive for both parties, it is usually not the main reason for ED. ED issues are usually physiological.

Foods that Can Help ED

VegetablesDid you know that what you eat can play an effect on your ED? Probably not, this is because most people don’t know this. The food you eat has so many affects in your life such as weight gain, health issues such as heart disease, and ED. A bad diet can restrict the blood flow to the penis which will cause ED.

On the flip side, there are so many major benefits to our health and sexual performance if we eat right. Eating a healthy diet will keep you at a healthy weight, keep your blood pressure in check, and help prevent nerve damage. All of these things when left unchecked may cause ED.

So what are some foods that may help with ED?

Mediterranean Style Diet

Eating a Mediterranean style diet means eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, fish, red wine, and whole grains. All of these things can help with improving sexual function and minimalizing ED.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, you read it right, dark chocolate. The darker the better, so try finding dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa. It’s the flavonoids in the chocolate that assist in improving blood flow in the body including the penis. Click here if you would like to make your own healthy homemade dark chocolate.


To aid in your testosterone production, oysters are a great natural way to help out. They increase testosterone but their high levels of mineral zinc. If you are like me and you don’t like oysters, there are some great tasting sauces that you can order with oysters which mask the taste and actually taste pretty good.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are great for increasing blood circulation throughout the body as they have a high concentration of nitrates.


Dark Chocolate

Impotence For Men – Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction or also known as ED, is far more common then you may think. Statistics show that it is not uncommon for men to achieve an erection less than 20% of the time. And it is estimated that around 25 million men in the United States sand about 100 million worldwide suffer from ED issues. But these numbers are difficult to estimate accurately as there many plenty of sufferers that go silent and never go see a doctor.

So now that we know some facts on ED, why does ED occur?

Being tired

An erection begins at the brain, so you are you tired, it will require more effort to obtain an erection. Or it will lead to a lack of erection.

Bad diet

Often being overweight can cause issues with ED. Try to eat healthy and lose weight with weight loss shakes for example.


As men get older, their level of testosterone decreases. This can often cause ED. Remedy is to eat healthy and see you doctor about using a testosterone supplement.

Some Prescribed Drugs

Some prescribed drugs can also cause ED. If ED starts to happen after you take prescription medication, see you doctor immediately.

But if you suffer from ED, we best suggest that you first see your doctor for advice.